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Business letter of recommendation tips

A business letter of recommendation is such a letter, in which the author of this letter estimates the necessary references, capabilities and character qualities of any individual’s aptitude to carry out any kind of mission, task, function or even job. That is why these letter are almost always written about a special individual, where there are explained his or her main abilities, qualities and endowments, and at the same time they are usually dispatched to a particular recipient on the occasion of an appointed kind of activity or work position. Nowadays when the job market is fully competitive and all the candidates on a job position must be ready to work really hard being clearly aware of the daily growing number of the prospective workers, who in their turn are always ready to shove you aside from your job position in order to secure your place for themselves. Hence it appears that each business letter of recommendation is of a substantial importance and if it is correctly formed and written, it is able to naught all the endeavors of other candidates to get namely this job position. But the problem consists in the lack of information by fast each person regarding to the right writing and execution of a recommendation letter. That is why below there are cited the most common tips of a business letter of recommendation.

  • Before starting to write a recommendation letter try to determine if you are completely sure of the fact that the person, who requested you to write such a letter for him or her, will be able to cope with the task or job, which will be entrusted him or her after that. Ask yourself if you are confident in the abilities, qualities, education and knowledge of a given pretender. You must take into consideration the following fact: if your candidate does not manage his or her job or task well after receiving it, you will be dragged through the mud and nobody will take you on trust someday again. That is why you must unprejudiced estimate your candidate from all points of view. If he or she went successfully through your checkup, convince the recipient of it that you have known your candidate for a long period of time in order to form an integral opinion of him or her as an indisputable applicant and educated enough people for the given task or job position.
  • Writing a business letter of recommendation try to enumerate the candidate’s abilities, character qualities, talents and intellectual faculties in a concrete way, avoiding any ambiguous expressions and vagueness.
  • The most suitable way to show the preferable side of your applicant to the letter recipient to the best advantage is to make use of comparisons. In its turn this fact will help the letter recipient to understand why you have decided to promote the very candidate in place of somebody else.
  • If working upon a recommendation letter you have come across a weak streak either of character or of abilities, which are peculiar to your applicant, try not to overstate it, as well as not to conceal it. At the same time it is necessary not to erect your candidate on the top of the whole world by using praises and exaggerations.
  • Having finished your recommendation letter, which should be usually composed only of one page in total, it is strictly required to write your personal information under your signature in order to give the recipient of the letter an opportunity to contact you if such a necessity crops up.

It is always difficult to write a correct recommendation letter in every respect, but the enumerated above tips characteristic to each business letter of recommendation will surely simplify your task.