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Business Letter Sample of Interest

There are two fully opposite definitions of the word combination “a business letter of interest”. According to the first one a business letter of interest is written by a firm or organization, which searches new customers for their commodities and services. The information, which is given about the provided services and commodities, has to be offered in a detailed way including the prices on them. This letter must be effective and well thought-out in order to attract attention of the reader and to convince him or her that the best thing he or she can do is to buy this commodity or to order these services and namely at the firm or organization, to which this advertisement is attributed.

According to the second and the most frequently used definition of this word combination a business letter of interest, which sometimes may be called as an inquiry letter or a prospecting letter, is written to a supposed employer in order to receive the job, about which a person has dreamt for a long period of time. It is a cover letter, in which the person, who writes this letter, has to write about his or her education, skills and experience. Further it is presented a simple example of such a letter.

Cao Miranda
193 Mark Avenue
St. John’s, Michigan, 193564

The 28-th of August, 2010

Mr. Peter Sumple
Personnel Manager
Liberty Inc.
348 Red Road
Bristol, Virginia, 541364

Dear Sir,
I am glad to let you know of my wish to take part in your project “Peaceful Overtures”.
I have cooperated in order to execute some prior plants, which will help to give the first impetus to this project and I am sure that I am able to turn these plans into reality.
That is why I anticipate that you will appreciate my work at its true value, because I have developed the whole work by myself.
Thank you for this opportunity.

Cao Miranda (by hand)
Cao Miranda (in a printed way).