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Business Proposal Sample Letter

Michael Stetson
Dorothea Company
34 Main Street
London, England 3746

John Kingsley
Acme Company
47 Green Street
London, England 3746

June, 3, 2010

Dear, Mr. Rochester,
The company Dorothea holds value its reputation of a prestigious enterprise. Dorothea is distinguished by universally recognized output quality and full-scale dealer network.
We are always glad to accept new dealers and we offer them our services connected with output of products and the distribution of office suppliers Dorothea. We manufacture both minimum and large lots of output.
Our dealers are hold in respect and we always present them information about collections and prices changes or conditions of collaboration. Our dealers enjoy special privileges which are manifested in preservation of conditions of guarantee, replacement and restitution of the output. For each dealer we work out special price plans, including fringe benefits as well as line of credit after long-term collaboration.
Our dealer’s time is of great importance for us, therefore we offer you’re a catalogue of office suppliers Dorothea.
Each company as well as each private entrepreneur can become the dealer of the company Dorothea. Dorothea guarantees business and marketing support.
If you make a decision to cooperate with Dorothea, you can rely on the following benefits:

· High-quality of output and services;
· Earliest possible terms of manufacturing;
· Discount system;
· The instruction of your personnel;
· Consulting service
· Highly individual approach to each dealer;
· Marketing, commercial, information and advertising support.

If you have further questions concerning business collaboration, please do not hesitate to reach us by telephone: 379 43 34

Michael Stetson
Dorothea Manager