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Donation Request Letter That Will Help You to Gain Funds

If you need finances for your nonprofit organization, church, school or hospital, a proper donation request letter will help you. There are many potential donors who are willing to make a donation to charitable organizations. You task is to find them and tell about your need. Try to make them really interested in your goals. A well written letter is very useful in getting great impression about you and your organization. Before writing you must know your objectives and steps of your actions very well. Inform the supporters about them. To be very convincing you can enclose in your letter some photos representing the aim of your formation. For example, if you want to help handicapped children you can send the image of some of them. Including photos you will get more attention of potential sponsors. Give your arguments using stories and facts; it will help people feel the importance of your cause. Like any business writing keep your letter specific and professional. Your request must be not very long, clear and detailed. It must be formal and at the same time heartfelt. Doing it you must remember that your efforts will improve people’s lives and make the world around you better.

You may use this free template of business letter : Letter for Donating to Individual

Everybody can write an excellent donation request letter if he does his best to learn the main steps and principles of it. Donation letters should include the same parts as other formal letters: addresses on the left and on the right, date, salutation, introduction, body and closing. Print the letter on your organization’s official letterhead. In your salutation after “Dear Mr/Mrs” write the name of the person who would be responsible for approving any donations from the business. In the introduction tell about your organization and its aims; state the purpose for sending the letter. Include the information about other successful projects you have organized in previous year. In the body of the letter summarize your intention and actions; describe particularly who will benefit and how the funds will be used. Tell the deadline and location of your goal realizing. Mention the benefits that business people may gain if they donate to your project. You can find out if donations to your organization qualify for tax deductions. You can also include the variants of any marketing opportunities such as newspaper articles, advertisements or announcements that will list the donations and their contributors. Inform about all steps and costs in the donation process. Supply the contact information for the donation coordinator. Provide any guidelines in place for donations. In your closing thank the recipient for his time and consideration. End the letter with “Sincerely” or “Best Regards. Write your name, organization and your position title under your signature will be.

Be very careful in your search of sponsors and donators. There are cases when frauds offer financial support to get access to your personal data and bank information. Check all details about the company that is willing to help your organization. Be ready to write a big project plan that real investors will demand after getting your request. Prepare your heart for passion in your mission and your head for cold statistics and numbers. Find good specialists, bookkeepers who will be able to give you professional advice and count all expenses. Hopefully your donation request letter will be great promotion in raising funds.