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Drafting a Business Letter

The ability to express your ideas in a distinct and precise way and at the same time to write them down without any mistakes is a very significant and precious skill in our time in the world of business. In spite of the fact that the development of the electronic technologies and of the internet has moved the letters, which are written by hand and are sent by the post in an envelope, to the background, but in the world of business this rule does not hold. If you want to have success in this world, you have to sharpen this skill and that is why it is better to memorize how to write a successful business letter.

In accordance with the book “Communicating”, which was written by Terry Mohan, Helen McGregor and Zofia Strano in the year 1992, a business letter consists of:
· a heading;
· a date;
· an opening;
· a body
· and a closing.

In a heading it is implied that you will write your name and address there and if you write this letter by hand, you may put it down anywhere you want, but if you prefer to type this letter, your heading should be placed in the right corner on the top. At the same time you have to remember that you should not use any punctuation marks in your heading. It is very important to write the name of the month in your date, because such date as 12-10-2010 may be understood in a different way. Some persons may consider that it is meant the 12-th of October 2010, but the other may say that the person, who has written this letter, meant the 10-th of December 2010. In an opening you should mention the name, title and address (in a column, of course) of the person, to whom you want to write this letter, but in any case one line must be left between the date and opening. The body of your letter must be written in a distinct, brief and polite way. The mode of your letter organization depends only on the aim, which you want to achieve by this letter. In the closing of your letter you shall thank the reader of it for his or her time and attention. At the end of it you have to put down your signature.