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Gratitude Letter Sample

Thank you letters are usually sent as a polite sign of gratitude. Here is a gratitude letter sample. Follow it to find out how to compose correctly a thank you letter:


Gregory Ford
Proline Company
34 Main Street
London, England 3746
Tel. number: 034 345 34 23

David Lewes
Nestique Company
47 Green Street
London, England 3746
June, 20

Dear Mr. Lewes,
As representatives of the company Proline, we express our thanks to Nestique for mutually advantageous cooperation during this year.
The company Nestique has given us a great chance of developing and searching for new clients. It was very interesting to cooperate with you company, as Nestique represents a dynamically developing enterprise. Our collaboration has been characterized by mutably profitable relations relying on facts that the company Nestique launches new products of pastry of the highest quality yearly.
We look forward to launching of new product Xely and we hope that on the 27th of June, 2010, the exhibition of Nestique Company will present new products again.
The Nestique Company is a team of professionals, professional who provide excellent possibilities for developing.

Yours Sincerely,
Gregory Ford