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How to Compose an Announcement Letter about New Services

Sometimes you need to compose an announcement letter about new services in your company. The business letter template below will guide you on how to do this task:
Sebastian Becker
Consultex Inc.
Beautiful Street 33
1234 Coventry
Tel. Number: 737 37 27
Brandon Williams
Forest Street 111
1234 Coventry
Dear Mr. Williams,
In the first turn we would like to thank you for selecting our services in the past. Now we are excited to tell you about additional rendering of services in the sphere of IT- technologies. All the works are carried out by qualified specialists who possess strong skills in this field.
We offer the following services for our clients:
·Installation and customization of computers and software;
·Set-up and maintenance of local network;
·Services of virtual hosting.
If you take an interest in these services please call us at 0233 22 23. We will be glad to make an appointment with you.
Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to cooperating with you in future.
Sebastian Becker