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How to Write a Good Cover Letter

Nobody will deny that in order to make a good impression on the employer the person should write a perfect resume. The resume is the best method to give the employer brief information about skills, experience, education and qualities of an employee. However even a perfect resume can not be considered complete if it is not accompanied with a cover letter. One of the most important functions of the business cover letters  is a brief exposition of the reasons why the resume has to be read by the employer. In case if it is drawn up correctly the chances of any person may increase noticeably. The cover letter gives explanations concerning the following points: Why namely the author of the cover letter should be hired? It should convince the person who reads it to invite namely the owner of the resume for an interview.

First of all a perfect cover letter should contain personal and contact information of the employee and employer. The information is put at the top of the page. For instance:

Employee’s address
Today’s date
Mr./Ms. Employer’s Name
Company’s Name


Usually the cover letter contains three paragraphs. After putting the parenthetical phrase “Dear Mr./Ms Employer (Name), the person goes to the composing of the first paragraph. The given paragraph does not exceed the standard of 3-4 sentences. The person explains the employer for what position s/he is applying. It is advisable to mention the source that helped the employee to find out about the vacancy. The first paragraph includes also the part which explains why namely this position has aroused interest of the person who applies for it.

The second paragraph is the longest one. It represents the strongest point and that’s a why one should think over it thoroughly. In the first sentence s/he may enumerate the strongest skills and qualifications that can be useful and necessary for the given job. Then the employee makes up the body of the second paragraph. S/he provides examples from previous experience, tells about different activities and jobs. The main thing is to prove that all the mentioned skills were successfully applied. It is not advisable to insert the whole passages from the resume.

The final sentence is a brief summary of 2-3 sentences of everything that has been said above. The person may also write about the present position title in order to remind the reader about the job that is applied for.

The third paragraph consists usually of 2-4 sentences. The employee mentions about the resume where all the necessary information about the person can be found. One should also ask the employee for an interview. In this paragraph it is important to thank the reader for his/her time and attention.

The final point is to include the name and the signature.

Employee’s Name