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How to Write a Refusal Letter

The refusal letter represents a negative message that lets the recipient know about the reversal of your decision to cooperate with a definite company. The negative content makes the task of composing the letter more difficult as in such situation it is always difficult to choose the right words. However you should on no-account delay the sending of your refusal letter, because the company that has offered you a position must not rely on your candidacy any more. The company management must know precisely whether to continue their employee search or stop it.

The following basic rules concerning the writing of a refusal letter which are offered in this article are very simple in application.


1 You will display your politeness and respect by thanking the employer for the time which was spent on you. First of all thank the employer for the position at his/her company, interview and for the interest in your candidacy.

2. Avoid using negative statements. Instead of it state your refusal briefly and simply. Anyhow it is a usual procedure. Any employer received refusal letters in the past and it is no need to expound all the points that make you refuse.

3 Think about a definite reason for your refusal. Very often people inform the employer that they have been offered another position that meets their requirements and the career’s goals.

4 Be also polite by closing the refusal letter. Include the positive statements of good will. It may happen so that during all your career and work activity you will change 2, 3 and even more jobs. And it is not excluded that once you will be interviewed by the same employer. That’s why it is important to make a good impression on the employer even if you have no possibility to cooperate.