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How to Write the Perfect Request Letter

A request represents a usual thing in our every day life. We may ask somebody to fulfill a definite task. Then the roles may be exchanged and then we are asked to comply with somebody’s request. The main thing is to bring the request correctly and politely in order to receive a positive answer. This advice is especially indispensable when one has to do with written forms of requests. People usually send this kind of letters when they ask for a job interview, for a promotion or some piece of information. All these request letters should be examined separately.

The request letter asking for an interview is the most widespread one. Every day there new vacancies appear and consequently there are a great number of candidates who wish to be interviewed by employers. The request letter is the best variant how to arrest the employer’s attention.

The letter begins with the date, the name and the address of the recipient. Do not forget to provide your contact information (your address, telephone number and e-mail). The next step that should be fulfilled is to introduce yourself. Do not hesitate to inform the reader that you want to assign a date for an interview. Tell the employer that you will be glad to discuss the vacancy which is offered by the company. Further you may give a brief description of your education, experience and qualifications. Explain why namely this company has aroused your interest. In the last part let the employer know that you will phone him/her at the definite time in order to fix a day for an interview. The letter of request is concluded by the usual close statement: “Sincerely yours” which are followed by your name.

Speaking about promotions it is worth mentioning that this type of request letters should contain brief and precise formulas. Avoid going into details in order to save the recipient’s time. It is important to let the reader know that you deserve to be promoted taking into consideration your qualifications and merits. Remind the recipient of your fidelity, application, years of service. Provide some examples. At the end of the request letter thank the employer for the time and attention to examine your request.

While composing letter of requesting a specific type of information in the first place include your contact information. Speaking about the body of the letter the main point is to get immediately to the matter. Inform the recipient what type of information is needed. Display your civility by asking the reader to send the necessary information. You should tell the reader that you will defray all the expenses. Explain the recipient of the letter briefly for what purposes you need this information. In the last paragraph do not forget to thank the reader.