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Introduce Company Sample Letter

If you are looking for a sample of introduce company letter – then read and modify the example below:
Edward Bell
ABC Company
Sunset Street 11
1234 London, England
Tel. number: 0333 33 33
Samuel Parker
Rose Street 11
1234 London
Dear Mr. Parker,
I want to introduce you to Guardian Inc.. I have been collaborating with them for a long time. Guardian Inc. has been going into business connected with the wholesale and retail trade of construction materials.
The trade of building materials is carried out by the means of several retail outlets and wholesale stores. The Guardian Inc. has existed more than 15 years in the market and it has been constantly developing. Over this period of time the company in question has gained strong experience and principles of successful activity.
The employees of the Guardian Inc. represent a united and functioning team. In the issue the company has managed to accumulate its 15 years of solid experience thanks to the qualified specialists who aim their efforts at the benefits and prosperity of the Guardian Inc.
The top quality articles, broad assortment and low prices attract a great number of clients each year. One of the main principles of the Guardian Inc.’ activity is to satisfy the requirements of their clientele.
To give you a better idea of Guardian Inc.’s activities I am attaching a recently issued brochure with the contact information.
I am certain you will find common business interests to pursue.
Edward Bell