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Letter for Donating to Individual

Julia Adams
Children’s Home “Hope” Head
77 Main Street
San-Francisco, CA 4745
Tel. number: 0993 377 34

Katherine Longfellow
88 Brooklyn Street
San- Francisco, CA 4745

July, 7, 2009

Dear, Mrs. Longfellow,
I am writing to you on behalf of children’s home “Hope”. In the first turn I would like to thank you for the generous donations the children’s home receives from you each year. Teachers, educators, and of course inmate of the children home put a premium on your magnanimous acts. This year your donations helped us to purchase a range of textbooks and manuals for children. We also had the possibility to organize interesting tours for them. Without your magnanimity and support all this would have been impossible.
In this letter I would to call your attention to a gifted and capable child whose name is Michael Costner. Michael is 12 years old, however in spite of his youthful age, the child is the winner of numerous gymnastics contests. Michael possesses an amazing will power and strength of mind which makes him to be in training for 3-4 hours a day to perfect his skills. Michael Costner is a novice sportsman who promises well for our country.
We hope that Michael will participate in cup competitions for juniors which will be held in Hungary in six months. This competition could be a very important step in Michael’s sports career. However, it should be admitted that the training session itself is more than our children’s home can afford. Therefore we place our hopes on donations.
We hope you will join us in reaching this goal. As in future, Michael can represent our country at international level. For more information please contact me directly at or 0993 377 34.
We sincerely thank for your time, attention and continuous support.

Yours sincerely,
Julia Adams,
Children’s Home