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Letter of Request to Interview a Business

Find out how should be composed a business letter if you intend to interview a business
Margaret Greenman
High Life Publishing House
34 Fleet Street
1234 Sheffield, England
Tel. Number: 0222 22 22
Henry Becker
55 Bristol Street
1234 Sheffield, England
May, 5
Dear Mr. Becker,
I, in the name of the editorial staff of the newspaper High Life, want to make an inquiry about an interview with you. In view of your very busy schedule, we ask you to assign a day for the interview, which will take no more than half an hour.
Beyond question, the history of your progress in business activity as well as your successful and turbulent career is of great interest to the readers of our newspaper. In the interview we are also going to discuss with you the activity of your charitable organization that comes to the aid of numerous orphan asylums within our country.
Thank for your time and consideration. I will call you on the 7th of May to fix up the date for the appointment.
Margaret Greenman