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Letter of Resignation

Some time or the other a great number of employees decide to change the place or the sphere of the job. One of the most successful methods to let the employer know about this decision is to send him/her a resignation letter. The resignation letter should be brief and precise and despite the fact that it reports about the resignation the person who writes it must think over how to make it sound positive. The following steps will make the process of writing the letter easier.

1 The most important fact is to skip any kind of critics. You must not write about the negative things concerning your present job that made you leave.

2 Inform the employer about the time when you are going to leave your position.

3 While writing the letter of resignation include the positive recollections of the job which for sure will stand you in good stead in future work activity.

4 Make sure that you leave enough amount of time for the boss in order to find a substitute for the position in question. 2-3 weeks are quite enough.

5 Do not forget to thank the chief of the company for the given opportunity to work at his/her company.

6 If you still decided to include the reasons for your resignation make certain that you do not touch upon the reputation of the company and its management. One may admit that you were not quite happy while working there. However do not include such pieces of information in your resignation letter that will make the process of leaving very negative.

7 Avoid using emotional language out of respect to your employer. Remember that the resignation letter will be attached to your personal file.

As regards the form of the letter in question you must keep to the established format of business letters. First of all put down the employer’s address at the top of the letter. Your address and the contact information should be indicated under the employer’s address. After skipping a line indicate the date. Beginning with a new line use the usual greeting phrase: Mr./Ms. Employer (Name). In the body of the resignation letter which usually consists of several paragraphs inform the recipient of the letter about your decision to quit and the date when you will leave the position. Thank the employer for the opportunity to work at the company. If you wish you may write about the reasons for resigning.

All the tips that have been mentioned above will be helpful in writing a successful resignation letter.