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Letter Requesting Decision on a Purchase

Here is a small example on how a letter requesting decision on a purchase should be written:


Eric Brandon
ABC Company
12 Regent Street
Newcastle, England 1234
Tel. number: 0123 45 67

Rachel Walton
Grand Company
77 Penny Lane Street
Newcastle, England 1234
May, 22

Dear Mrs. Walton,
In the letter of the 15th May, 2010, the manager of your company Grand, Mr. Jones, expressed his willingness to purchase a big batch of soft drinks Summer Joy for your store chain to the sum of £10 000. Therefore we would like to specify your final decision on the purchase. In the case of the affirmative reply, please indicate the delivery date as well.
Our top-quality soft drinks Summer Joy will be to the taste of the most exacting customers. The team of professionals of our company will always advise you on any items you are interested in.
We are looking forward to your response.

Sincerely Yours,
Eric Brandon