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Letter to Turn Down a Promotion

Sometimes we need to inform our customers about our current offers and promotion. Here is a sample of letter to turn down a promotion:

Amanda Smith
145 Royal Street
Bath, England, 1234
Tel. number: 0123 56 34

Katherine Hudson
ABC Company
111 Green Street
Bath, England, 1234

Dear Mrs. Hudson,
I highly appreciate your decision to promote me to the managing director. It is very pleasant to know that all my services and of course experience have been positively appreciated by you. However, unfortunately I am compelled to turn down the promotion as valid reasons have impelled me to make such a decision.
I would like to mention that at present time I am satisfied with my current job in full. Its operating schedule allows me to devote the necessary time to my children. Moreover, I have my grandmother advanced in years to care for. New service presupposes extra hours and of course it involves much responsibility and business assignments. Therefore I would not be able to handle all the new tasks and responsibilities.
I am very sorry about the way the things happened. I hope that you will understand my position.

Sincerely Yours,
Amanda Smith