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Statement of Account Letter

Edward Anderson
ABC Inc.
57 Edith Street
3110 Bristol
Dear Mr. Anderson,
I think there an error in counting has happened. Today I have received the account statement for October. I must inform you that I can not agree with your bill of parcels to the $150 figure you have indicated as my checking account. My accounting records indicate as follows:
Invoice/Payment                                Amount
# 3475467                                            355.00
Payment, Check #756, 29.10.2009      -355.00
#3473874                                              500.00
Payment, Check #756, 29.10.2009        -300.00
Balance                                                   200
I have attached copies of the above bills of parcels and checks. Please recount the account statement to discover the source of the discrepancy and contact me at 233-22-33 as soon as you discover the difference.
Catherine Wood

Sample Letter to Become a Dealer of Products

Here is sample letter to become a dealer of products. Learn from this example how to compose correctly such type of business letter:
Paul Smith
P. Smith Inc.
78 West Road
2222 Liverpool, England
Tel. Number: 033 33 33
Derek Anderson
Guardian Inc.
123 Green Avenue
2222 Liverpool
July, 7
Dear Mr. Anderson,
I am interested in becoming a dealer of windows Guardian produced by your enterprise.
I think that I dispose of all the requirements for successful distribution of these articles. The scope of activity of my business organization is the retail sale of windows and doors. Recently I have opened several retail outlets which are situated in the centre of the city.
It is worth mentioning that our experienced and trained administrative personnel is able to find the approach even to the most exacting customer. The strong keys of our organization are the established trading network, the availability of strong experience which is seen in the successful retail sail of manufactured articles, and the stable and sustained development of our organization.
I hope for the mutually advantageous cooperation between our companies.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing the conditions of collaboration with you.
Paul Smith

Letter of Request to Interview a Business

Find out how should be composed a business letter if you intend to interview a business
Margaret Greenman
High Life Publishing House
34 Fleet Street
1234 Sheffield, England
Tel. Number: 0222 22 22
Henry Becker
55 Bristol Street
1234 Sheffield, England
May, 5
Dear Mr. Becker,
I, in the name of the editorial staff of the newspaper High Life, want to make an inquiry about an interview with you. In view of your very busy schedule, we ask you to assign a day for the interview, which will take no more than half an hour.
Beyond question, the history of your progress in business activity as well as your successful and turbulent career is of great interest to the readers of our newspaper. In the interview we are also going to discuss with you the activity of your charitable organization that comes to the aid of numerous orphan asylums within our country.
Thank for your time and consideration. I will call you on the 7th of May to fix up the date for the appointment.
Margaret Greenman

Sample Simple Business Letter Proposing Your Products

Louis Bell
Fruit Paradise Inc.
Chester Street 33
1111 York
Tel. Number: 434 32 22
Christopher Wood
ABC Company
Green Avenue 3
1111 Windsor
February, 22
Dear Mr. Wood,
We are pleased that you have given preference to soft drinks and mineral water produced by our enterprise Fruit Paradise. Now we are excited to inform you that our company has launched a new line of juice-containing soft drinks Fresh. The collection of these new products includes drinks with the apple, strawberry, peach and pomegranate tastes.
Juice-containing soft drinks Fresh are produced on the basis of high technologies. High-quality juice-containing ingredients and the purest water allow preserving the taste of fresh fruits. The delicious and healthy soft drinks Fresh are able to quench one’s thirst, to give energy and to inspirit either children or adults.
The richness of taste and aroma of Fresh drinks will be to the taste of most consumers.
We have developed a special offer for people who will offer first a batch of juice-containing soft drinks Fresh: the first clients will receive a 15% discount.
If you would like to receive more information on our new product, please call us at 0944 33 22.
We will be happy to answer all your questions.


How to Compose an Announcement Letter about New Services

Sometimes you need to compose an announcement letter about new services in your company. The business letter template below will guide you on how to do this task:
Sebastian Becker
Consultex Inc.
Beautiful Street 33
1234 Coventry
Tel. Number: 737 37 27
Brandon Williams
Forest Street 111
1234 Coventry
Dear Mr. Williams,
In the first turn we would like to thank you for selecting our services in the past. Now we are excited to tell you about additional rendering of services in the sphere of IT- technologies. All the works are carried out by qualified specialists who possess strong skills in this field.
We offer the following services for our clients:
·Installation and customization of computers and software;
·Set-up and maintenance of local network;
·Services of virtual hosting.
If you take an interest in these services please call us at 0233 22 23. We will be glad to make an appointment with you.
Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to cooperating with you in future.
Sebastian Becker

Introduce Company Sample Letter

If you are looking for a sample of introduce company letter – then read and modify the example below:
Edward Bell
ABC Company
Sunset Street 11
1234 London, England
Tel. number: 0333 33 33
Samuel Parker
Rose Street 11
1234 London
Dear Mr. Parker,
I want to introduce you to Guardian Inc.. I have been collaborating with them for a long time. Guardian Inc. has been going into business connected with the wholesale and retail trade of construction materials.
The trade of building materials is carried out by the means of several retail outlets and wholesale stores. The Guardian Inc. has existed more than 15 years in the market and it has been constantly developing. Over this period of time the company in question has gained strong experience and principles of successful activity.
The employees of the Guardian Inc. represent a united and functioning team. In the issue the company has managed to accumulate its 15 years of solid experience thanks to the qualified specialists who aim their efforts at the benefits and prosperity of the Guardian Inc.
The top quality articles, broad assortment and low prices attract a great number of clients each year. One of the main principles of the Guardian Inc.’ activity is to satisfy the requirements of their clientele.
To give you a better idea of Guardian Inc.’s activities I am attaching a recently issued brochure with the contact information.
I am certain you will find common business interests to pursue.
Edward Bell

Letter to Turn Down a Promotion

Sometimes we need to inform our customers about our current offers and promotion. Here is a sample of letter to turn down a promotion:

Amanda Smith
145 Royal Street
Bath, England, 1234
Tel. number: 0123 56 34

Katherine Hudson
ABC Company
111 Green Street
Bath, England, 1234

Dear Mrs. Hudson,
I highly appreciate your decision to promote me to the managing director. It is very pleasant to know that all my services and of course experience have been positively appreciated by you. However, unfortunately I am compelled to turn down the promotion as valid reasons have impelled me to make such a decision.
I would like to mention that at present time I am satisfied with my current job in full. Its operating schedule allows me to devote the necessary time to my children. Moreover, I have my grandmother advanced in years to care for. New service presupposes extra hours and of course it involves much responsibility and business assignments. Therefore I would not be able to handle all the new tasks and responsibilities.
I am very sorry about the way the things happened. I hope that you will understand my position.

Sincerely Yours,
Amanda Smith

Letter of Business Expenses

Here is a sample letter of business expenses. Use it when you need to inform somebody about expenses that took place in different business goals:


Expense Account Statement

Employee: Richard Smith
Date: 27.07.2010

Recoverable Expenditures Incurred:

Visa: $40
Hotel “City”: $80
Air Tickets: $520
Tax: $30
Taxi: $ 50
Phone: $25
Meals: $70
Total: $810

I confirm that the above expenditures are true in conformity with company policy. All the receipts are attached to the letter.

Richard Smith

Approved by:
David Newman

Resignation Letter because of Health Problems

Some people are facing with need to reject a job offer because of medical recommendations. In this case they should write a resignation letter because of health problems to inform their employer.


Eva Smith
23 Regent Street
Crosby, England 1234
Tel. number: 0123 45 67

Taylor Hudson
ABC Company
17 Spring Street
Crosby, England 1234
June, 20

Dear Mr. Hudson,
At my attending medical doctor’s insistence I should go out of full-service. It is an open secret that latterly I have consulted the doctor about my health for many times. Owing to this fact I have been compelled to take a considerable amount of sick time.
I have pinned my hopes on quick recovery. However I can no longer keep up the ordinary operating schedule. My health problems make themselves felt. In addition, my energy level has become so low that I can not cope with all the tasks through the working-day. Therefore, I have to resign, effective June 25.
I have attached the accompanying letter from my doctor in attendance.
I am very sorry about the way things have happened.

Truly Yours,
Eva Smith

Letter Requesting Decision on a Purchase

Here is a small example on how a letter requesting decision on a purchase should be written:


Eric Brandon
ABC Company
12 Regent Street
Newcastle, England 1234
Tel. number: 0123 45 67

Rachel Walton
Grand Company
77 Penny Lane Street
Newcastle, England 1234
May, 22

Dear Mrs. Walton,
In the letter of the 15th May, 2010, the manager of your company Grand, Mr. Jones, expressed his willingness to purchase a big batch of soft drinks Summer Joy for your store chain to the sum of £10 000. Therefore we would like to specify your final decision on the purchase. In the case of the affirmative reply, please indicate the delivery date as well.
Our top-quality soft drinks Summer Joy will be to the taste of the most exacting customers. The team of professionals of our company will always advise you on any items you are interested in.
We are looking forward to your response.

Sincerely Yours,
Eric Brandon

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