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Remind Letter Sample

There a lots of things we need to remind about during our business activity. So, if you intend to remind somebody about his or her intentions use the remind letter sample written below:


David Richmond
Richmond Company
475 Green Street
Birmingham, England 1234
Tel. number: 0956 123 45 67

Robert Richards
Lentiseme Company
12 Birmingham Street
Bristol, England 1234
May, 29

Dear Mr. Richards,
In the letter of 17 May, we let you know of the possibility to produce and supply your company with supplementary cosmetic products to the sum of £50.000 next month before the scheduled delivery. However up to date you haven’t given any response to us. Therefore we are sending you this letter as a reminder to confirm your consent to receive supplementary produce. If we do not receive any answer by the time stipulated, the indicated produce will be delivered to other consumers.
We are looking forward to your answer.

Yours Faithfully,
David Richmond