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Resignation Letter because of Health Problems

Some people are facing with need to reject a job offer because of medical recommendations. In this case they should write a resignation letter because of health problems to inform their employer.


Eva Smith
23 Regent Street
Crosby, England 1234
Tel. number: 0123 45 67

Taylor Hudson
ABC Company
17 Spring Street
Crosby, England 1234
June, 20

Dear Mr. Hudson,
At my attending medical doctor’s insistence I should go out of full-service. It is an open secret that latterly I have consulted the doctor about my health for many times. Owing to this fact I have been compelled to take a considerable amount of sick time.
I have pinned my hopes on quick recovery. However I can no longer keep up the ordinary operating schedule. My health problems make themselves felt. In addition, my energy level has become so low that I can not cope with all the tasks through the working-day. Therefore, I have to resign, effective June 25.
I have attached the accompanying letter from my doctor in attendance.
I am very sorry about the way things have happened.

Truly Yours,
Eva Smith