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Resignation Letter Samples: What Are the Basic Rules of Writing

Resignation letter samples should be useful for people who are intended to resign from their job decently. If it is time for you to quit, don’t leave a negative impression with your boss and colleagues. Don’t regret about going away. Appreciate all experience and opportunities you were given at the position you resign from. Think about new possibilities and chances for you in the future. If you have already accepted a new appointment with another company try not to hurt your previous employer. Thank him for everything he has done for you, for your growing and developing. Tell about your pleasure to work with him and his company. Announce your resignation two weeks before your leaving. If it is possible, explain the reasons of your decision.  It is not recommended to mention about any problems and confrontations. Leave friends behind you, not enemies. Keep in your mind all good things and events that happened during your last work. Writing a resignation letter can help you maintain positive relationship with your employer, while paving the way for you to move on.

There are different resignation letter samples and you can choose the most suitable for you. As any business letter your farewell writing letter should be simple, brief, focused, and to the point. There is no need to elaborate on your reason for leaving. Simply provide information on when you are leaving and let the employer know you appreciate your time with the company. On the left top place your manager’s address, below insert the date you are writing the letter.  Start your letter with Dear Mr/Mrs. (surname). In the first paragraph announce your resignation formally, its effective date and time of your last day of work. You can include the explanation of your quitting. In the next paragraph give you farewell words of your appreciation and gratitude for your director and the company you worked for. You should mention all good opportunities you have received. Don’t forget to say some good words about the team of the company. Tell that you are resigning in good faith. Truly wish success to your company in future.  In the third paragraph ask your employer to let you know what you can do to make your final time in the company a productive experience, to take the best from your remaining days. Tell him to feel free to contact you after you leave if you can be of any assistance. End your writing with “Sincerely” and your signature. Keep friendly but at the same time formal style of your writing.

After sending the resignation letter and meeting with your boss, all that’s left is for you to continue working there in a dedicated, professional manner until your notice period finishes. This way you leave behind a sterling reputation and many good memories. You will need to check your company policy or your employment contract to find out how many weeks’ notice you need to give upon resignation. Some companies will terminate an employee immediately, so be prepared for this. If you say goodbye to your employer and colleagues really on good terms, they can organize a farewell party for you. They will congratulate you with you new opportunities, new projects, will regret about parting with you. Such leave-taking can encourage you and give you new wings. So choose the best options from all resignation letter samples given in business manuals and remain successful in your future life.