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Sample Business Apreciation Letter

A letter of appreciation is a kind of a thank you letter, but with the only difference that a thank you letter is usually written only in the personal situations, whereas an appreciation letter is written in the professional situations or in the business world. Such a letter has to be written in a sincere and open way in order to show that attainments and diligence of a particular employee were appreciated at its true value. It must be noticed the firms or organizations, at which the director is not constantly wrangling for the whole day, but who prefers to write and send the appreciations letters to his or her most gifted and industrious employees, are more stable and profitable, because the people, who are working there, are more diligent and assiduous, because they know that their director is interested in them and the work, which they are doing, and namely this interest is shown by these appreciation letters. At the same time each director of a firm or organization has to take into account that an appreciation letter may motivate and encourage the employees to make their job and to apply more efforts, what can produce the positive changes, which immediately will have a positive impact on the wealthiness of this firm or organization. That is why each director, who wants the prosperity to his or her business, shall not avoid writing such letters and further an example of such a letter is presented.

Prosperity Inc.
139 Walsing Avenue
London, 193465

The 29-th of March, 2010

Dear Mr. Jihn Bob,

I am writing in order to be able to express my sincere gratitude for your intellectual work, which you reveal day by day. I am sure that without you our firm will not manage to reach those heights, which it is occupying at the present moment.

Please accept my sincerest commendation for your excellent job.
Bill Murphy

So it does not take long to write such a letter, but it will remain in the memory of the grateful employee forever.