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Sample Letter of Business Address Change

We often need to inform our partners about changes that take place in our company. Here is a sample letter of business address change:


Main St. Company
34 Green Street
Deptford, England 34854

May, 2, 2010

Elvan Adams
Ridley Street
Exeter, England, 45544

Dear, Mr. Adams,
Notice is hereby given that in connection with a substantial change, which is directed to the improvement of working environment arrangement, beginning with 01.05.2010 our company has changed its address of the registered office. The new postal address is: 34 Green Street, Deptford, England 34854. Take into consideration that the multi-channel telephone number has been changed as well. The new telephone number is: 0331- 337383. The rest company identifications have remained unchanged.

Yours, sincerely
Lincoln Brown