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Sample Letter of Intent for Business Proposal

Kevin Davis
Kenton Company
75 Staples Street
San-Antonio, Texas 3439

Kate Rochester
Ridley Company
46 Old Street
San-Antonio, Texas 3439

Dear, Mrs. Rochester,

We would like to offer you close collaboration on beneficial terms. We will help you to organize effective trading activities in the city. Our competent personnel is always ready to instruct your commercial and maintenance staff and to offer a powerful backing, connected with selling equipment, supplied by your company.
We expect our business partners to display economic activity, to seek to promote the commercial grade “Ridley”.
To realize the described above objects, we ask you to send a brief description of the line of your company. In response you will receive a more detailed offer by the company “Kenton”, which will include information about the granted discounts. You will receive a project association agreement as well.
We hope for the development of mutually advantageous cooperation.

Yours, Sincerely
Kevin Davis