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Sample Letter of Request of Discount

Request of discount is very important in business cooperation. So, if you are interested in smaller price you may use this sample letter of request of discount:


Robert Lawrence
Main St. Company
48 Ridley Street
San-Antonio, Texas 3433

Kevin McAdams
Viva Chief Executive
85 Sun Street
San-Antonio, Texas 3433
March, 17, 2007

Dear, Mr. McAdams,
In the first place I would like to note that collaboration with your company has opened new horizons for our enterprise. The famous clothes brand Viva has given our business a great stimulation for its further development.
This year we are going to extend the outlet by opening two specialty stores in our city. Therefore we scheme to purchase a big lot of clothes Viva. However, in view of essential capital investment for development of our business we ask you for volume discount for the clothes. In return we undertake to purchase big lots of Viva brand continually.
I am going to call you on the 20th of March at 2 p.m. to discuss the bargain at greater length.

Thank you for time and attention.
Robert Lawrence