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Sample Letter to Become a Dealer of Products

Here is sample letter to become a dealer of products. Learn from this example how to compose correctly such type of business letter:
Paul Smith
P. Smith Inc.
78 West Road
2222 Liverpool, England
Tel. Number: 033 33 33
Derek Anderson
Guardian Inc.
123 Green Avenue
2222 Liverpool
July, 7
Dear Mr. Anderson,
I am interested in becoming a dealer of windows Guardian produced by your enterprise.
I think that I dispose of all the requirements for successful distribution of these articles. The scope of activity of my business organization is the retail sale of windows and doors. Recently I have opened several retail outlets which are situated in the centre of the city.
It is worth mentioning that our experienced and trained administrative personnel is able to find the approach even to the most exacting customer. The strong keys of our organization are the established trading network, the availability of strong experience which is seen in the successful retail sail of manufactured articles, and the stable and sustained development of our organization.
I hope for the mutually advantageous cooperation between our companies.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing the conditions of collaboration with you.
Paul Smith