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Sample Request to Senator

This is a sample request to senator letter. Find out how to write such type of business letter from this template:
Henry Parker, Scheduler
Office of the Honorable Thomas Williams
43 Sunset Boulevard,
Orlando, 1234 Florida
Dear Mr. Parker,
Mr. Williams is a plenipotentiary of numerous charitable programs in Florida. These programs are aimed at financial aiding for gifted students from low-income families. In the issue students have all the necessary conditions needed for successful studies at institutions of higher education. Our main object consists in preserving of this prosperous momentum. Therefore we want to secure a considerable foundation of support from Mr. Williams.
We would like to make an appointment with Mr. Williams and/or his representatives in order to give careful consideration to the issues concerning the advancement and improvement of charitable Programs within Florida.
I will call your office on the 27th of June to fix up the time and place of meeting with Mr. Williams and/or his representatives.
If you have further questions concerning my proposal or appointment, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sebastian Becker
Sebastian Becker
Auito Fund
56 Fleet Street
1234 Orlando, Florida
Tel. number: 034 234 23 23