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Sample Simple Business Letter Proposing Your Products

Louis Bell
Fruit Paradise Inc.
Chester Street 33
1111 York
Tel. Number: 434 32 22
Christopher Wood
ABC Company
Green Avenue 3
1111 Windsor
February, 22
Dear Mr. Wood,
We are pleased that you have given preference to soft drinks and mineral water produced by our enterprise Fruit Paradise. Now we are excited to inform you that our company has launched a new line of juice-containing soft drinks Fresh. The collection of these new products includes drinks with the apple, strawberry, peach and pomegranate tastes.
Juice-containing soft drinks Fresh are produced on the basis of high technologies. High-quality juice-containing ingredients and the purest water allow preserving the taste of fresh fruits. The delicious and healthy soft drinks Fresh are able to quench one’s thirst, to give energy and to inspirit either children or adults.
The richness of taste and aroma of Fresh drinks will be to the taste of most consumers.
We have developed a special offer for people who will offer first a batch of juice-containing soft drinks Fresh: the first clients will receive a 15% discount.
If you would like to receive more information on our new product, please call us at 0944 33 22.
We will be happy to answer all your questions.