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Statement of Account Letter

Edward Anderson
ABC Inc.
57 Edith Street
3110 Bristol
Dear Mr. Anderson,
I think there an error in counting has happened. Today I have received the account statement for October. I must inform you that I can not agree with your bill of parcels to the $150 figure you have indicated as my checking account. My accounting records indicate as follows:
Invoice/Payment                                Amount
# 3475467                                            355.00
Payment, Check #756, 29.10.2009      -355.00
#3473874                                              500.00
Payment, Check #756, 29.10.2009        -300.00
Balance                                                   200
I have attached copies of the above bills of parcels and checks. Please recount the account statement to discover the source of the discrepancy and contact me at 233-22-33 as soon as you discover the difference.
Catherine Wood