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Types of Business Letters

A business letter is an official correspondence between a person and a company management or between the leaders of two companies. These letters are written on the different occasions, for example to request information, to appreciate the work, which was done by an employee of an organization or firm, to appeal for a job, etc.

The main types of business letters are:
· an acceptance letter is an affirmative answer to an invitation or an offer of a job;
· an acknowledgement letter is written when a person wants to admit a fact, an operation, which was taken by him or her or a general situation, which happened after these operations;
· an adjustment letter is a written answer to a complaint, which was received in a written form as well;
· an application, which is also called as a cover letter, is sent in order to grant complementary information on the education, skills and experience of a person;
· a collection letter is usually written by an owner of a business, a creditor, an organization or a firm that has not been paid for the services or commodities in time;
· a credit letter is an answer to a written request of a customer for a credit;
· a demand letter is sent to an insolvent in order to inquire about the payment;
· an inquiry letter, which is also called as a letter of interest or a prospecting letter, is written in order to receive information from the reader, who in the opinion of the writer of this letter possesses this information;
· an order letter, which is sometimes called as a purchase order, is written to order the commodities or materials, which will be over or will be needed soon;
· a refusal letter is a negative reply to an invitation or an offer of a job;
· a response letter grants the information or answers, about which it was asked in an inquiry letter;
a sales letter is an implement of the marketing, which is used to advertise a service or a commodity.