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Writing a letter of interest as a tool for success

Writing a letter of interest seems similar to composing a cover letter but they are substantially different. You send your cover document with you resume for the position you know exactly is vacant. You can also get very interested in a job that has not been advertised. Now your writing is unsolicited. You are not sure if you succeed but you go forward. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. In your inquiring you must convince an employer about your compliance with all his requirements more than in an accompanying writing. Show your self-assurance and ambitions. Persuade the boss of the company that you are just what he looked for. You knowledge, skills, work experience and personal qualities must be of great benefit of the company you are interested for. In other words your success will be also theirs. Before writing your prospecting letter, learn more about the company to which you are writing.  Get all information about their mission and goals, products and services they offer. Seeing your awareness of his company the boss will welcome you as one of his staff.

Writing a letter of interest must be done according to the rules and guidelines of all business correspondence. Arrange it briefly, clearly and formally. Keep your letter focused on your professional accomplishments and skills and on what you can bring to the company. Leave out personal information such as hobbies or other interests, marital status, and the like. Depending on the letter format write at the top your and the recipient’s addresses, the date and your salutation starting with “Dear Mr or Mrs…” In the first paragraph, you should explain the reason of your writing. Indicate how you became familiar with the company and tell the position you are seeking. In the next paragraph or paragraphs, illustrate how you are qualified for the position you seek. Relate your skills, accomplishments, education, positive personal characteristics, and other strengths to the company. As you talk about your qualifications, make sure to refer to your resume is enclosed with your letter. In your closing ask for the meeting with the reader at a time that is convenient for him to learn more about the company and the possibility of working for it. Tell when you will call the letter recipient in order to follow up and give your contact information. Conclude your letter with a cordial farewell ( Sincerely and Thank you) then sign it.

After you have sent your letter don’t hesitate to follow up, as you have said you would. Be persistent even you are told afterwards that there are no positions available at the time. Don’t give up. Still try to set up a meeting where you can learn more about the company and during which the contact can get to know you. If that is not possible, request to keep your letter of interest and resume for the future when the company is hiring someone for the position you are seeking. Consider your writing a letter of interest as a necessary tool on the way to your success.